Meet the Team

P Toon

Mr. Kamonpan Chumdee (P Toon) is the owner of Island Muay Thai. P Toon has studied, fought and lived Muay Thai since the age of 7.
With over 200 fights in the ring and a degree in sport science, P Toon likes to share his passion and knowledge of Muay Thai with all students at Island Muay Thai.
P Toon is an official member of Thai Boxing Association of Thailand.


A Muay Thai trainer with more than 12 years experience teaching at all levels from young, adult beginner to fight ready established Muay Thai fighters, Surin is dedicated to ensuring you get a good training session and consistently improve your technique.


Born in Satun and studied Physical Education at college.
Nan was a Thai Boxer at the college and fought in the ring for more than 80 fights, Nan continues his passion for sport and Muay Thai by working at Island Muay Thai and is a good an enthusiastic trainer with plenty of experience to share.


With over 90 fights and 18 years experience in the art of Muay Thai, Samart lives and breathes Muay Thai when not having a laugh and a joke.
Samart likes to train you hard and will constantly test you and your blocking ability until it becomes instinct.


A once regular on the Bangkok fight circuit and an ex-Muay Thai army champion fighter.
With over 250 fights and counting, Sam still manages to keep smiling... He takes all his knowledge and applies this in training.